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Gym instructor

This career path is for those who are interested in working in a gym environment on a 1:1 basis and this role mainly includes providing gym inductions to members, designing gym programmes, cleaning equipment, managing gym floor and providing advice to customers in regards to correct exercise technique, equipment and their personal fitness goals. This is an excellent starting career in the fitness industry as working the gym floor and building a clientele is excellent experience for progressing into a career as a personal trainer, this is also the pre-requisite required for the level 3 personal training diploma and many other more advanced qualifications.
Level 2 Certificate in Gym instructing
£12-15 per hour
• Personal Training • Pre/postnatal Exercise & Nutrition • Supporting Clients with Long-term Conditions • CPD’s • Gym management • Teaching/assessing

Group exercise

This career path is for those who are interested in starting their career as a group training instructor rather than working in a gym environment. This can cover a range of class styles from HIIT, exercise to music, circuits, studio resistance etc. No pre-requisite is required as this is another entry level course and a perfect start into the fitness industry as it promotes social inclusion and can help build up your confidence and clientele in the local centres.
Level 2 Certificate in Group training
£15 - £25 per hour

Personal Training

This career path is aimed at those looking to work with clients on a 1:1 or in small group settings in gyms and other environments to provide personal training services to your very own community of clients. The demand for personal trainers is continuously on the rise and the career progression potential is huge, along with training clients in fitness and nutrition you can also advance your knowledge by specialising in Exercise Referral, Sports Massage, Strength & Conditioning, PPN, Mental Health to expand your scope of practice to cover a huge range of potential customers.
Level 2 Gym Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer
Between £30 and £60 per hour
• Pre/postnatal Exercise & Nutrition • Supporting Clients with Long-term Conditions • Sports massage • Advanced personal trainer • Strength & Conditioning • Physical Activity for Adults with Mental Health Conditions • Teaching/assessing

Exercise Referral/working with clients with long term conditions

This career pathway is for those who are looking to specialise in working with clients who have long-term medical conditions/injuries, there is excellent work available in this sector with local medical practices/doctors’ surgeries where you can work with them on a referral programme offering fitness and nutrition services to members of the community who may be struggling with medical conditions.
Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Cliens with Long-Term Medical Conditions
Between £40 and £70 per hour
• Physical Activity for Adults with Mental Health Conditions • Specific conditions e.g. cancer rehab/disabilities etc. • Teaching/assessing

Sports Massage

This is a fantastic career which is perfect for those who are interested in a career which involves sports massage and an excellent pathway either for those starting off in this sector or those who are already involved in fitness but looking to expand into this area. The range of benefits that sports massage can provide are many. From simple relaxation for people with active lifestyles to pain relief following sporting injuries, sports massage is possibly the most popular massage therapy available and good massage therapists are in demand across Scotland.
Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy
Between £40 and £70 per hour
• Personal Training • Physiotherapy • Teaching/assessing

Strength and Conditioning coach

This career is for those who are looking to work with athletes as part of their support team providing sports specific strength and conditioning programmes to help them achieve their performance goals. This is a great progression for experienced fitness professionals to grow in the industry further, especially those with sports specific interests/passions.
Level 4 Certificate in Strength and Conditioning
£20 to £50 per hour
• Sports team coaching • Teaching/assessing

Education and Training/Assessing - fitness course lecturer

A great career for those who want to share their knowledge with others in a further education teaching role. This allows individuals to teach in any subject that they are qualified in so can be a great role for those with a good range of qualifications to teach in local colleges/universities or private academies/training providers.
Level 3 Award in Education and Training (equivalent to level 3 and level 4 PTLLS)
£15 to £30 per hour
• Senior lecturer • Professor