A level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing is the qualification starting point for anyone looking to begin a career in the fitness industry, for working in a gym environment. So who are you allowed to train at this level?

Who you can train as a level 2 gym instructor

You will be qualified to train adults on a one to one and in small groups, this could include giving inductions or gym programmes. It is also possible to train those in the ‘special population’ group (e.g. pre or post natal, older adults, children) as long as it’s not on a progressive basis but just for one off inductions or sessions. If you are looking to teach one of these ‘special populations’ then it is required that you complete the qualification in that discipline.

During the gym instructor course you will be taught the important exercises that may be unsafe for special populations, but you will not be taught specific programming in relation to these.

The latest gym instructor qualification also allows you to teach small groups, such as circuit classes using basic equipment or bodyweight exercises. For someone choosing this as a regular discipline it is recommended that a relevant group exercise qualification is gained such as a level 2 Certificate in Group Training (link). If using specialised equipment such as kettlebells , TRX etc. you are only qualified to carry out basic exercises such as squats, lunges etc. again, if you are looking to teach more advanced exercises using this equipment it is recommended you complete a specific CPD course in the particular discipline.

Hopefully this has given you an understanding as to what a level 2 gym instructor is qualified to do. For anyone looking to teach and advertise as a personal trainer which involves more advanced training methods then the qualification which allows you to do this would be the level 3 Diploma in Personal Training (link). The pre-requisite for this would be the level 2 Certificate in Gym Instructing.