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Our Terms and Conditions

1. Course payments - if paying in instalments payments are the responsibility of the learner, the learner must pay the initial deposit (non refundable) followed by the agreed instalment on a monthly basis. Should the payment be missed FEA will contact the learner and allow up to and additional 7 days for the monthly payment to be made, after 14 days if the payment has still not been made FEA can withdraw the learner from their registered course, the learner would not receive any refund from any of the past payments made and would not be able to use these payments towards a future course.

2. Course date changes (Active IQ and YMCA Awards courses) - Your course starts at the time your registration email is sent out to you, should you wish to change your practical attendance days you must advise FEA more than 8 weeks before your original practical attendance date, FEA will not charge for this change. Should you decide to change your practical attendance days within 8 weeks of your practical start date a £50 administration fee would need to be paid by the learner.

3. Course date changes (Non Active IQ/YMCA Awards Courses) - You must inform FEA of any date changes more than 8 weeks before your original attendance date, should you decide to change your date less than 8 weeks before your practical attendance date an administration fee of £50 must be paid by the learner.

4. Course cancellation (all courses) - If you wish to cancel your course this may be done within 24 hours of booking, if this is done FEA will give a full refund, for any cancellations made after this time the learner will not be entitled to a refund.

5. If you cannot make your assessment date you must inform FEA at least one week before and an alternative date for assessment booked, no charges apply.

6. If you refer on any part of the assessment an alternative date will be arranged by emailing, FEA will allow 3 free re-sits, after this an administration fee of £30 per assessment must be paid by the learner.

7. If you are late for an assessment the assessor has the right to refuse you and arrange and an alternative date will need to be arranged by emailing

8. If you have arranged an assessment and fail to turn up for this, this will be counted towards one of your free re-sits.

9 The FEA has the right to cancel or change the course at any stage, this may be for a reason out of their control, if learners can not attend the new dates they be guaranteed a space on the next available course, unfortunately no refund can be issued in these circumstances.

10. For each course, full attendance is required unless a medical certificate is produced, in this case the student may transfer to a later course to complete any remaining hours, FEA do not charge a fee for this. If full attendance is not completed by the student and they fail to produce a medical certificate FEA have the right to remove them from the course.

11. Written course work will be marked by The Fitness Education Academy within 8 weeks of submission, should your work be referred for any reason then it will be sent back to you for amendments. The resubmission may then be delayed for up to 4 weeks while other course submissions are being marked.

12. All courses must be completed with 2 years of initial registration, this is to stay in line with ofqual regulations and to show currency.

13. All course certificates will be emailed or posted to the learner recorded delivery to the address supplied on the enrolment form; therefore any lost certificates will be the responsibility of the student. If a replacement certificate is required this will incur an administration fee of £50. Most certificates will be sent out to the learner (once all coursework has been completed and passed) within 6 weeks of completion, however, in some cases (such as a course being a new course which has only been in circulation for one year) certificates will take up to 3 months. This is due to additional quality checks being required by our internal and external verification departments.

14. FEA expects all students to abide by the exercise and fitness code of ethics during all course attendance, if a course tutor/assessor feels that a student is acting inappropriately or not following the code of ethics they may be asked to leave the course resulting in a loss of all course fees.

15. Where free CPD courses or emergency first aid courses are offered free these are only available for those paying the full advertised price of the course. The free CPD course must be taken within 12 months of the PT course start date and must be booked separately.

Our Data Protection and Privacy Policy

The Fitness Education Academy is committed to the security and fair processing of personal and/or sensitive data. We have updated our privacy policy which explains what data we collect and how we process it thereafter in accordance with applicable data protection law, under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

You can view the policy here.

Teaching and Learning Agreement

The Fitness Education Academy aims to provide all learners with a high quality learning experience which will enable every learner to achieve their full potential on their chosen course of study. With this in mind it is important to establish what you can expect from us in terms of course delivery and in return, what we expect from you in terms of conduct on the course.

What you can expect from us:

  • Qualified tutors/assessors with ongoing support throughout the course
  • Use of learning materials, teaching methods and styles of training that challenge and inspire learners.
  • Set, use and mark assignments and other tasks, and provide constructive feedback in a way which helps the learner to progress.
  • Comply with The Fitness Education Academy’s equal opportunities policy at all times.
  • What we expect from you:

  • Be on time for all training sessions, or notify the tutor if you are going to be late or will not be attending, 100% attendance is required.
  • Complete all work by the agreed time and to the best possible standard.
  • Work productively and make effective use of your time whilst on the course.
  • Ask for help and support if needed.
  • Comply with The Fitness Education Academy’s equal opportunity policy at all times.
  • Avoidance of any acts of misconduct, this includes plagiarism, behaviour seen to be offensive, obscene or discriminatory, disruptive language or behaviour, use of unauthorised aids (mobile phones etc.)